The Rings of Power Episode 4

“The Great Wave” is the fourth episode of The Rings of Power and it seemingly sets up the back half of the season. We’re shown Adar briefly, long enough to release Arondir with a message and warning. We spend more time with Durin and Elrond with the audience finally discovering why the Dwarfs were keeping everyone at arm’s length. We learn that it was because Mithral had been discovered but was incredibly dangerous to mine. Arondir rescues Theo, who had gone back to Tirharad for supplies but had been almost captured by Orcs. The title of the episode is tied to the fate of Númenor. Galadriel is shown a vision through a Palantir. The queen of Númenor finally decides to help the Southlands and takes as many of the citizens as would volunteer. The episode ends with Theo talking with the farmer whose barn he had found the hilt, which ends with a dire warning about Sauron.

“The Great Wave” is another solid episode that sets the stage for major events to happen. I continue to enjoy the episodes of the show and how different it is than most other fantasy shows. There’s a cleanliness to Tolkien’s world that makes the grimier parts feel even dirtier. This shows that difference in a way that gives each more weight. I give “The Great Wave” 9 sword hilts out of 10.

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