Daredevil Season 3

The third season of Daredevil is still one of my favorite seasons of the Netflix shows, whether it be a Marvel show or not. I say that even though the shows are no longer on Netflix. I wasn’t sure if my positive thoughts about the season would still be there after rewatching it. This was my first time watching it after the initial watch. It solidified Daredevil as my favorite of all of the Marvel series.

Season three caps off the Kingpin/Daredevil storyline while also setting up where the series could have gone. The introduction of Bullseye, but before he really became Bullseye, had looked to set up a lot of different places where the series could have gone. The season was a partial adaptation of the Born Again storyline from the comics written by Frank Miller. This is funny in hindsight, with the newly announced series having the Born Again as part of its name. There’s so much about the season that I like. The Sister Maggie revelation is still a gut punch, even with me knowing who she is.

All of the returning cast is as fantastic as ever. The new members of the cast, mainly Jay Ali and Wilson Bethel are great. Ali is great as Nadeem even when his character is incredibly frustrating. Bethel’s performance is something else. You start to feel sorry for him in some ways, that is until Dex shows what kind of person he really is. Bethel was able to ride than line, until that line shattered.

Daredevil season three is the perfect cap for the story that had been told over the three seasons. I don’t know if I’ll watched or rewatch any of the other shows connected to Daredevil, but I’ll figure that out. With the announcement of both Echo and Daredevil: Born Again this series has had the longest effect on the MCU. All of the Marvel Netflix shows that I’ve reviewed are what I think make the most cohesive story. I give Daredevil season 3 10 makeshift masks out of 10.

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