Cobra Kai Season 5

Season five of Cobra Kai seemed to have been set up as a darker season with how season four ended. I want to say that there will be possible spoilers for the season going forward, but they’ll be mild. There are several callbacks to The Karate Kid Part III with more characters from the movie appearing. We’re even told how Daniel and Amanda got together initially. We even get quite a few character moments for Chozen and how much in common he has with Johnny.

The focus being on Terry Silver shows the difference between John Kreese and himself. Silver is like a scalpel while Kreese is like a hammer, both are effective, but one is much more noticeable than the other. Silver is much more cerebral than Kreese, able to cause issues with his enemies with subtle manipulation rather than force. Silver’s master plan being a much grander scale than anything Kreese thought of, which adds to their differences.

The central four, Miguel, Sam, Tori, and Robby, seem to have finally worked out most of their issues by the end of the season. Miguel and Robby seemingly have a positive relationship after having another fight, this time overseen loosely by Johnny. Sam and Tori only come to an uneasy alliance at the end of the season with it possibly still being in place at the end of the season. The relationship between Robby and Kenny is in rough shape the whole season, with Kenny having been fully corrupted by Silver. I will say that I wish that Hawk was still atoning for his monstrous acts while a member of Cobra Kai, rather than him being completely forgiven.

Cobra Kai Season 5 is a great season that leaves things in an interested spot. I have no clear idea of where the next season will go because it isn’t left as clear as other seasons. I do hope that Chozen sticks around for a few episodes because of how entertaining he is. I look forward to seeing how the newer characters continue to grow and evolve. The season was added to Netflix this past Friday. I give Cobra Kai Season 5 9 sais out of 10.

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