Saloum was a surprise in more than one way. I knew absolutely nothing about it until it arrived on Shudder as well as not knowing that it would arrive on the service. Knowing absolutely nothing about it was probably the best way to go about seeing the movie. That means I’ll keep try to keep the plot details to a minimum as to not spoil anything for you. There’s an interesting mix of genres that help make the movie as interesting as it is.

Jean Luc Herbulot directed Saloum as well as writing it with Pamela Diop. Herbulot was able to make an interesting movie. The script brought in mythology that I have very little knowledge of which I always enjoy. The movie taking place in 2003 during a coup d’état adds even more intrigue to the goings on in the movie. The coup is as much a part of the setting as the where the movie is set.

The cast of Saloum is fantastic. Yann Gael, Roger Sallah, Mentor Ba, Evelyne Ily Juhen, Bruno Henry, Marielle Salmier, Babacar Oualy, Renaud Farah, and Cannabasse star. Gael, Sallah, and Ba are the main focus of the movie with Farah being on the outskirts of the main trio. The main trio really feel like they have an intense bond. Gael is who we follow with both Sallah and Ba being ever present. Gael has to deal with some pretty heavy stuff in the movie, which I won’t spoil.

The effects in Saloum are really good. The CG creatures are something that I’ve never seen before in a movie. The practical effects are incredibly effective in what they were meant to do. Both kinds of effects make the movie visually interesting. The music by Reksider is awesome. The score adds so much to the movie that I can’t say enough about. This is another score that I hope gets a release by itself.

Saloum is a great movie that deals with some heavy subject matter. This is yet another Shudder original that blew me away. I went in knowing nothing other than the plot synopsis that’s on Shudder and it didn’t reveal all that much. The poster only makes sense after you get into the movie. I don’t know if I can recommend this enough if you want something new and interesting to watch. I give Saloum 9 headsets out of 10.

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