The Rings of Power Episode 3

“Adar” is the third episode of The Rings of Power, and it ratchets up the intrigue and intensity. This episode focuses on Galadriel, Arondir, and Nori. Galadriel spends the episode dealing with the island of Númenor and how to get back to Middle-Earth. She also meets Elendil, who is the father of Isildur. Arondir is trapped by Orcs and the episode ends with him being taken to meet the titular leader of the Orcs. Nori deals with the consequences of helping the mysterious man that fell from the sky.

The Orcs are very different than the Uruk-hai in The Lord of the Rings movies. They’re far less physically imposing but just as vicious. They’re also afraid and hurt by the sun, which is why they have captives digging for them. The make up for them look amazing. They add a lot of the horror elements to the series.

“Adar” is a great episode that I enjoyed a great amount. This episode took what happened in the second episode and dirtied up the high fantasy world. This is a world on the way to ruin rather than an already ruined world working to be fixed. I can only hope the rest of the episodes are this good. I give “Adar” 9.5 Elven daggers out of 10.

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