She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 4

“Is This Not Real Magic?” is the fourth episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and as you might guess it mostly focuses on Jen working with Wong. Wong comes to her after a woman falls into his home in Kamar-Taj after volunteering at a magician’s show. That magician, named Donny Blaze, thinks he did nothing wrong and fights it in court. While this goes on we’re shown Jen’s dating life and how awkward it is. She ends up making a profile as She-Hulk and she gets more attention in that profile. We do get a small reference at the beginning of the episode to the end of the last episode, with Jen’s dad showing up trying to be a protective dad. Blaze ends up messing with portals again and has to get help from Wong. Jen gets involved, much to her dismay because she’s on a date, and this causes Blaze to comply with a cease and desist for magic. The episode ends with Jen getting served copyright papers by Titania after her date leaves quickly the morning after the date. The post credits scene is Wong and Madisynn bonding over drinks, mostly alcoholic drinks.

“Is This Not Real Magic?” is a fun episode that doesn’t seem to have much of any lasting effects on the story. The longer this series goes on the more I find it a breath of fresh air. I appreciate how weird they’re allowing the series to be. I also appreciate how they’re showing just how weird dating in your 30s, and older, can be. I give “Is This Not Real Magic?” 9 sling rings out of 10.

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