House of the Dragon episode 3

“Second of His Name” is a three-year jump from the end of the previous episode, with Daemon and Lord Corlys having been at war the entire time. King Viserys has married Rhaenyra’s friend Alicent and has had a son. The majority of the episode takes place around the celebration of prince Aegon’s second birthday and the hunt at the center. It begins and ends with the war in the Stepstones.

The opening of the episode had the usual horror laden atmosphere whenever Craghas Drahar did his thing. Most of the episode has to do with politics centered around whether Viserys would keep Rheanyra as his heir or would make his young son heir. Paddy Considine, Milly Alcock, Emily Carey, Fabien Frankel, and Jefferson Hall all get to play around in the episode with Hall being a new character, or characters since he plays twins. Frankel gets the most character development of the season so far.

“Second of His Name” is yet another interesting episode that serves as more set up for the eventual war between the Targaryens. From the preview for the next episode, it looks like there will be at least one more episode with these cast members. The mix of politics and action are the most even so far, with it not being solely focused on politics. I give “Second of His Name” 8 stags out of 10.

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