I had wanted to see Agnes after seeing the trailer some time last year. Once it was added to Hulu, I knew that I would finally be able to watch it. The trailer made me think it was going to be a straightforward horror movie with a religious undertone. In my opinion the horror is secondary when it comes to what the movie has to say about religion and faith. The horror that is in the movie is well done but it almost completely disappears in the third of the movie.

Agnes was directed by Mickey Reece and was written by John Selvidge and Reece. The story has a focus on faith that is what usually happens with movies that deal with exorcisms. What isn’t the usual is the focus on the inner workings of the religious structure of those featured. That’s what surprised me the most about the plot, the focus on faith and the inner workings of those structures.

Hayley McFarland, Molly Quinn, Sean Gunn, Rachel True, Chris Sullivan, Jake Horowitz, Chris Browning, and Ben Hall star. McFarland is the titular character, but she isn’t who we follow the majority of the movie. We spend most of the movie with Molly Quinn’s Mary as she experiences a crisis of faith because of what happens during the first half of the movie. Horowitz, Hall, and Browning show different sides of faith and how its used by the different kinds of followers. The entire cast does a great job of keeping you enthralled.

The makeup effects in Agnes is really good. The costume and production design do a great job of telling the story along side the cast. The music by Nicholas Poss is fantastic and fits the movie perfectly.

Agnes wasn’t exactly what I had expected from the trailer, but I still enjoyed it. This is a drama that has horror and religious undertones, though sometimes it’s more than just undertones. It’s an interesting movie but I know it won’t be for everyone. You can watch Agnes on Hulu. I give Agnes 6.5 sandwiches out of 10.

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