House of the Dragon episode 2

“The Rogue Prince” did jump forward from the events of the first episode but it was only a six-month jump, which led to it following up on many of the story threads from the previous episode. There’s a deep dive into some pretty intense horror in the episode, mostly focusing on body horror. The threat in the Stepstones as well as the continued medical care of King Viserys are different ways that horror pop up in the episode.

Rhys Ifans’ Ser Otto seems to be set up to have a similar role as Littlefinger had in Game of Thrones only more subtle. Ifans is able to make you feel uneasy with just a lift of his eyebrow. Both Paddy Considine and Milly Alcock are fantastic like they were in the first episode. Matt Smith is barely in the episode, but he makes the most of his time on screen. Steve Toussaint and Eve Best are fantastic in the episode. Both of them get times to shine and play off of other actors and do so incredibly well.

“The Rogue Prince” continues to set the stage for a grand war for the throne. There are many moments in the episode that will make you root for Rheanyra. This is still more set up for the eventual war that’s being set up but with as many character moments there are make it feel less obvious. I think the next episode will be more set up but will be more action packed than this and the previous episode. I give “The Rogue Prince” 8.5 dragon eggs out of 10.

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