She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 2

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode two is an interesting episode. Much of the plot is tied to what is viewed as the black sheep of the MCU by many people, though I’m a staunch defender of The Incredible Hulk. The episode ends tying the show into Shang-Chi to throw even more stress to at She-Hulk as if defending the man that tried to kill her cousin as well as destroying a good portion of Harlem doing so.

The meat of the episode deals with Jen getting fired and then being hired at a different job because of her powers. We also get to see her parents and other people in her family outside of Bruce, who is set up to be having his own adventure. Jen’s new job is a whole new wrinkle for her since they want her in Hulk form whenever she’s at work. Tatiana Maslany, Ginger Gonzaga, and Mark Linn-Baker are the most fun whenever they’re onscreen together. Tim Roth is fun as Emil Blonsky, seeing him for the first time since The Incredible Hulk.

“Superhuman Law” is another fun episode that seemingly gets the plot started in the proper direction. The fourth wall breaks in this episode are even more fun than in the first episode. I continue to enjoy the more lighthearted fare that is being done with the Disney + series. I give “Superhuman Law” 9 welcome baskets out of 10.

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