This was my first time watching Insidious and I can see why people talked about it so much when it first came out. It took me so long to see the movie because of a number of factors. The main reason was that it came out at a time where I wasn’t able to see movies as readily unless it was with friends and the friends I usually watched new movies with watched it without me, and then more recently I had so many other movies to watch that Insidious would always take a backseat to the newer movies.

This is one of the three movies that James Wan directed that birthed a franchise. It’s also the second where he worked with Leigh Whannell as writer. After watching Insidious I see a lot of its style in Wan’s newest movie Malignant. There’s a distinct style that comes from the use of different lenses as well as framing of shots. I also really appreciate how it turns the usual haunted house story on its head.

Patrick Wilson has an interesting performance where the first half or two thirds of the movie he’s distant and almost uncaring. There’s a shift where he expresses emotions, and it leads to his performance becoming less stiff. That’s also when his character’s backstory is revealed. Rose Byrne’s performance is intense with her having to do the heavy lifting for most of the movie when it comes to expressing emotions. Barbara Hershey, Lin Shaye, Ty Simpkins, Leigh Whannell, and Angus Sampson all provide great performances.

The effects in Insidious are great. The practical effects make the entities in The Further so incredibly creepy. That’s helped along by the performances of those that plays them. The effects for the Lipstick-Face Demon are amazing, even if it has a terrible name compared to what it was called in the movie. The music by Joseph Bishara, the person that plays the previously mentioned demon, builds the perfect atmosphere for the movie.

Insidious is a movie that definitely lives up to the hype that I had heard about it. While it doesn’t surprise me that there was a sequel it does surprise me that there were several sequels. That’s goes doubly so when I learned who the movies followed, which only surprised me after seeing the first movie. I don’t know if I’ll be watching the sequels immediately or just eventually. I watched Insidious on Hulu but its leaving soon. I give Insidious 9 cameras out of 10.

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