I barely heard much about Glorious before it was released on Shudder. I heard a little when it premiered at Fantasia Fest earlier this year. After it was released on Shudder, I immediately started seeing a lot of praise for it. After finally watching it, I understand all of the praise I saw for the movie. Its darkly comedic and gory as hell.

Glorious was directed by Rebekah McKendry and was written by Todd Rigney, Joshua Hull, and David Ian McKendry. I love how the story is a Lovecraftian story while subverting the usual tropes of that kind of story. That’s all while making you care for a main character you know almost nothing about, which is pretty accurate for Lovecraftian tales. The way Glorious is directed and framed makes the most of the setting. Its only helped along by the fantastic performances.

Glorious is the Ryan Kwanten and J. K. Simmons show. They’re helped along by Tordy Clark, Sylvia Grace Crim, and Andre’ Lamar supporting them. Simmons as a Lovecraftian God isn’t something that I knew I needed in my life until this movie and I feel enriched by having experienced it. Kwanten has to play off of everyone else as well as the craziness that is in the DNA of the movie. I will say that I’ve not seen too much of his work outside of True Blood.

There is so much blood in Glorious. I might even say that there’s a glorious amount of blood throughout the movie. The practical effects are amazing and gnarly as hell. The CG effects are just as good but in a different way. Both kinds of effects work hand in hand to make Glorious such a great Lovecraftian movie. The music by Jake Hull fits the movie perfectly.

Glorious is a darkly comedic Lovecraftian movie that subverts those tropes in interesting ways. I tried to steer clear away from major plot points because what subverts the usual Lovecraftian tropes are what make the movie what it is. I think the subversion of those tropes is what makes me enjoy Glorious so much. Glorious is another fantastic Shudder original. I give Glorious 9 teddy bears out of 10.

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