Orphan: First Kill

Boy howdy is Orphan: First Kill something else. Its definitely an interesting movie and I’m not completely sure what to say about it. It kind of goes in the opposite direction of the original movie. There are good performances but none of them are able to overcome the craziness of the story. I spent a good portion of the second half of Orphan: First Kill audibly yelling some derivate of “What the fuck?” and I couldn’t look away from the screen.

Orphan: First Kill was directed by William Brent Bell with the script by David Coggeshall based on a story by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Alex Mace. The writers of the original movie are credited with story by credits since this is supposed to be how Esther came to be in the orphanage at the beginning of Orphan. Bell did an amazing job of directing this wild ride of a movie. Coggeshall wrote a script that is bonkers.

Isabelle Fuhrman, Rossif Sutherland, Matthew Finlan, Hiro Kanagawa, and Julie Stiles make the most of the wild story of Orphan: First Kill with performances that work well within that story. Fuhrman does an amazing job reprising her role as Esther. She’s helped along by Kennedy Irwin taking over for her in the wide shots. Both Irwin and Fuhrman help make the fact that Esther is supposed to be the height of a young girl believable. Fuhrman’s performance is even more terrifying with her having mastered the dead-eyed stare that she uses throughout the movie. Sutherland, Finlan, and Stiles all play off Fuhrman in interesting ways. I do like that the family in the movie is much different than the first movie.

The tricks that the production pulled to sell Esther being so small are amazing. I’ve seen some behind the scenes photos that show actors with giant platform shoes. That’s helped along with the set and production designers doing amazing jobs. There are fantastic practical and gore effects that add to the movie’s insanity. The stunt team were able to pull off some crazy stuff. The music from Brett Detar is the perfect score for the movie.

Orphan: First Kill is an insane movie that will almost certainly be polarizing even if you’ll have a good time if you allow yourself to do so. I can see why the movie was put on Paramount + because I’m not sure if it would have made as much of an impact in theaters. I don’t know if there will be another movie, especially since I don’t know how First Kill could be topped. I’m open to seeing more if they do make more. I give Orphan: First Kill 8 fencing foils out of 10.

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