She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 1 “A Normal Amount of Rage”

The first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is hilarious. This continues the more lighthearted fare that was started with Ms. Marvel. It doesn’t have to do with the heavy subject matter of race and religion, but it does deal with being a woman and the insight that’s come from the shift in culture. There are different insights into being a woman and femininity that weren’t there when the character of She-Hulk was created.

“A Normal Amount of Rage” is the original story for Jennifer Walters in the MCU and how she becomes She-Hulk. We’re shown her relationship with her cousin Bruce Banner. The majority of the episode shows how she’s more in control of her emotions because they’re used against her in her line of work. She also shows an obsession with whether or not Steve Rodgers is a virgin, which is a fun throughline for the entire episode. The entire story of her Hulk journey is told to us by her breaking the fourth wall. The episode ends with her knocking out Titania, who had interrupted her closing statement.

The episode was written by Jessica Gao, who is also the series creator, and directed by Kat Coiro. Everything in this episode has my hopes high for the rest of the series. Tatiana Maslany is simply fantastic in her dual role of Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk. She’s absolutely hilarious and will carry the show easily with her amazing chemistry with her co-stars. She also has a fun chemistry with Mark Ruffalo, with it being a playful rivalry. I look forward to the other eight episodes. I give “A Normal Amount of Rage” 10 pairs of shoes out of 10.

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