Season of the Witch

I didn’t know what I was going to watch but what I had planned on watching had left where I was looking. That’s how I came to watch Season of the Witch. I had heard varying things from people, like it was good from a friend with questionable taste in media and that it caused Marcus Parks from LPOTL to leave the theater. I went in with an open mind and I will say that this is definitely on the lower end of mid-tier when it comes to Nic Cage movies.

I don’t really have just one thing that I feel like brings the movie so low on the Cage scale. It could be the amount of good movies that I’ve seen with him in it. I think the script by Bragi F. Schut was fun but there was a lot to be said for what ended up onscreen. Dominic Sena did a great job of making a movie that kept me enthralled, in spite of the flaws. A lot of the probably comes from the cinematography by Amir Mokri, which makes the most out of everything on camera. The other thing that kept me enthralled were the performances.

Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Stephen Campbell Moore, Claire Foy, Stephen Graham, Ulrich Thomsen, Robert Sheehan, and Christopher Lee star. Lee was more of a cameo though he played a major role. He did it all while in heavy prosthetic makeup. I think the best part of Season of the Witch is the chemistry between Cage and Perlman. Its established early and it carries through the entire movie. One of my biggest gripes is the movie tries to make you think that Foy or Moore are the real antagonist all while making it obvious that Foy’s character is evil.

The effects of Season of the Witch are okay. Some of the more obvious CG makes sense because it was used to do stuff that couldn’t be done practically. I will say that what they did for the wolves I’m sure was done to make them more obviously monstrous. That did lead to a practical effect that looked like a pig rather than a wolf, which made me chuckle a little. The music by Atli Örvarsson was suitable for the story the movie told.

Season of the Witch is an okay horror-tinged action-adventure movie set during the Black Death. This isn’t the most interesting movie based around that setting. I’d have to go with the movie Black Death, which actually came out a little before this movie did. If you’re a fan of Nic Cage you’ll find something in the movie that you’ll enjoy. I watched Season of the Witch on the Starz app. I give Season of the Witch 6 swords out of 10.

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