Death Valley

I had put off watching Death Valley for a few months, but I didn’t really have a reason other than I kept seeing other movies that I knew more about. I decided to watch it since I thought it would go along with the loose theme of action movies I’ve been doing all most of the week. I thought it was a pretty okay movie that didn’t fully realize the interesting concept.

Death Valley was directed by Matthew Ninaber and was written by Ninaber with Jennifer Lloyd working as a writing consultant. The concept that the action in the script was written around is really interesting but the script focuses on other things. The focus being on the two lead characters keeps the more interesting things in the script in the background.

Jeremy Ninaber, Ethan Mitchell, Kristen Kaster, Matt Daciw, Jacquelin Ninaber, Melissa Joy Berger, Justin Moses, Jeff Waters, and Matthew Ninaber star in Death Valley. The chemistry between Jeremy Ninaber and Ethan Mitchell really helps sell the friendship between the two characters. Kaster does a great job of playing the focus of the mission central to the plot.

Matthew Ninaber does a great job of playing the monster in Death Valley. I had wondered why his name was familiar and it was because he played the title character in PG: Psycho Goreman, which is why he plays the monster so well. He has the right physicality and stature. The practical effects used for the monster looks great. The stunt team did a fantastic job with all of the action scenes. The music by Sean Croley kicks ass. The score amps up the intensity for the entire movie.

Death Valley is an action horror movie that has an interesting concept that it doesn’t do much with. This is another Shudder original that I was pretty interesting even if I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked. I liked the concept at the core of the movie more than I did the actual movie. You can stream it on Shudder. I give Death Valley 5.5 Sat Phones out of 10.

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