I was emailed by Luca Paris about reviewing Denkraum earlier this week. I was intrigued by what I was told so I decided to watch the movie. I really enjoyed Denkraum as I watched it. The unsettling tone of the movie helped the mystery that went throughout the movie really take hold of me. I didn’t necessarily understand what was going on which I think mostly came from subtitles, which were translated too literally from Italian.

Denkraum was written and directed by Luca Paris. They did a great job of worldbuilding and making everything have an interesting feel. The story built tension incredibly well which is helped along with the performances. Manuel Melluson, Giacomo Aversa, Alba Barbullushi, Danilo Paris, Claudia Spaziani Testa, and Valerio Mariani put in some fantastic performances. You spend the most time with Melluson and his character’s point of view is how you see most of the world.

The effects are pretty okay, they’re basic but they get the point across and that’s all you really need from special effects. The use of editing and color add to the unsettling nature of the movie. The editing also helps tell the story and what’s going on throughout the movie. The music from Michele Flori is outstanding. The score added to the unease that ran throughout the movie as well as amplified it.

Denkraum is a really interesting Italian horror movie that’ll keep you guessing and have you thinking about it after you finish it. This is another foreign movie that I watched this year that I think is fantastic. You can rent Denkraum on any of the major platforms. I think if you want a movie that’ll lead to discussions this is a movie that you’ll want to watch. I give Denkraum 8.5 thumb drives out of 10.

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