I had never seen Popcorn before, but I remembered seeing the VHS cover growing up. The cover never piqued my interest enough for me to rent it but it was enough for me to remember it. I saw that it was on Shudder and finally watched it after having it on my watchlist for a couple of months. I liked Popcorn but I can understand why it can have a mixed reaction. I got some pretty strong screwball comedy vibes from some of the moments and some of the sound effects.

Mark Herrier was the director of Popcorn with the script by Alan Ormsby using the name Tod Hackett based on a story by Mitchell Smith. I’m not sure if the comedy elements were in the script or something that the director added. The story is interesting even if the comedic elements feel out of place.

Jill Schoelen, Tom Villard, Dee Wallace Stone, Derek Rydall, Elliot Hurst, Kelly Jo Minter, Malcolm Danare, Ray Walston, and Tony Roberts star. I was surprised by the amount of people that I recognized in Popcorn. I knew Dee Wallace was in it but everyone else was a surprise. Walston was the biggest surprise with his first appearance on screen making me sit up from my slouched position in surprise. Schoelen was also a surprise but much less of one. I had only recently seen her in The Stepfather, so I was only just introduced to her. Villard knocks it out of the park in the double role. I won’t say anything else as to not spoil it.

The practical effects look amazing. All of the different effects look amazing and are incredibly varied. I think my favorite are the effects for the villain. There are simple visual effects that look as good as they ever do in older movies. The music from Paul Zaza is solid. It helps ground the movie in a more consistent tone.

Popcorn is a fun horror movie that has weirdly timed comedic moments. This is one of those movies that I never watched when I was a kid that I’m glad I finally got around to seeing. I would have enjoyed the movie when I was younger, but I would have laughed at it because it was so weird. I can enjoy it for what it was trying to do as well as what it is. You can stream it on Shudder. I give Popcorn 6.5 giant mosquitoes out of 10.

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