I didn’t know anything about Allegoria before it was put on Shudder. I found out that it was directed by Spider One at the same time as I learned it was being put on Shudder. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the movie. I was surprised by it being horror rather than sci-fi mostly because of Spider One’s music career being based more in old school sci-fi. He also wrote the movie which is pretty interesting.

My only real gripe is how the movie is laid out. It feels like an anthology without a frame narrative. The final story works to tie most of the stories together with only one not being connected. There are so many different performances that kickass throughout the movie. Krsy Fox, John Ennis, Bryce Johnson, Adam Busch, Edward Hong, Josephine Chang, Scout Compton, and Adam Marcinowski are all fantastic.

The practical effects are amazing in Allegoria. There are several practical creature effects in the movie that look pretty gnarly. The same goes for the gore effects in the movie. There aren’t any blatant CG effects so that means they’re subtle and pretty good. The music was by Krsy Fox and Michelle Carter is fantastic. The main theme does a great job of unsettling you as soon as you hear it.

Allegoria is an interesting horror movie that swings for the fences. I think the final story of the movie really sold it for me because I was pretty iffy before that. Going into it knowing nothing certainly adds something to the experience even if it isn’t the most positive. I say you should give it a watch if you’re looking for something new and different to watch. I give Allegoria 7 hearts out of 10.

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