Deep Blue Sea 2

Deep Blue Sea 2 is gonna be one of those movies I have trouble finding too much positive to say about. It’s a poorly paced movie that falls into the predictable plot traps a sequel made after almost twenty years would fall into. This felt like a made for tv movie to me with some of the choices made in presentation. It even felt more like a PG-13 movie than a rated R movie.

Deep Blue Sea 2 is even a standalone sequel even though Duncan Kennedy, Donna Powers, and Wayne Powers are credited with characters by credits. The story was by Hans Rodionoff with the screenplay by Jessica Scott, Erik Patterson, and Rodionoff. The director was Darin Scott. The plot really isn’t anything that you haven’t seen before. There’s nothing all that interesting style wise except it feels like a generic made for tv movie, some of that is down to editing choices. There aren’t any characters that subvert expectations like the first movie.

Danielle Savre, Rob Mayes, Michael Beach, Nathan Lynn, Kim Syster, Jeremy Jess Boado, and Darron Meyer star. Mayes and Savre are set up as the main heroes pretty early in the movie. Beach was set up as the antagonist just as early and I say antagonist because the sharks aren’t nearly as antagonistic as you would expect. Boado does put in a hell of a performance that surprised the hell outta me.

The effects in Deep Blue Sea 2 are pretty solid. The CG looks good way beyond what you usually get from straight to video movies. There were even some practical effects that look good, as practical effects usually do. The music from Sean Murray goes for a completely different tone than I was expecting. The score went hard into the more serious tone than I was expecting. There was a tiny bit of action-adventure style music, but it was at a weird time.

Deep Blue Sea 2 is a movie that I don’t think I could even happily recommend. I don’t think I’ll try to finish the series because I don’t expect the sequel to be any better. I kinda wish they would have gone full camp and named the movie something like Smart Sharks or something. That way it would have been free from comparisons to the first movie in the series. This isn’t available to stream for free anywhere. I give Deep Blue Sea 2 3.5 keys out of 10.

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