The Deadly Spawn

The Deadly Spawn is a wonderfully weird movie. I knew absolutely nothing about the movie except how the monsters looked. I didn’t even know anything about the plot until I started up the movie. The description made me think it was going to be a kids on bikes kind of movie instead of an alien home invasion which isn’t a bad thing. It would have made the movie feel less boring. I found myself kinda being drawn out of the movie with the pacing.

Douglas McKeown wrote and directed The Deadly Spawn. The main plot seemed to have been stretched to fit into mostly one setting, which made it feel paced awkwardly. I also think some shots were extended so that the movie would reach feature length. That’s the main issue I had with the movie as a whole.

The cast of The Deadly Spawn is interesting. Charles George Hildebrandt, Tom DeFranco, Richard Lee Porter, Jean Taffer, Karen Tighe, James Brewster, Elissa Neil, Ethel Michelson, and John Schmerling star. Both Hildebrandt and DeFranco function as the protagonists for the movie. They offer different styles of protag in the movie. DeFranco is kind of a team leader while Hildebrandt is kind of a lone wolf John McClane style of protag.

The practical effects used for the aliens are fantastic. The different sizes of the aliens make the feat of them on screen simply amazing. The fact that they even bleed when stabbed makes it even crazier. The way they’re designed you can see how their life cycle goes easily. The music by Paul Cornell, Michael Perilstein, and Kenneth Walker is really good. The main theme for the movie adds an uneasy creepy vibe to the entire movie.

The Deadly Spawn is a wonderfully bizarre combination of alien invasion and home invasion movies. I didn’t set out to cover alien-based horror movies but that’s what I’ve ended up doing by accident. This and Invaders from Mars could be done as an interesting double feature. You can watch The Deadly Spawn on Shudder, where I watched it. I give The Deadly Spawn 8 bottles of Zap powder out of 10.

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