The Boys season 3 Final Thoughts

The Boys season three felt like a different series during this season. Everyone working on the show tried to veer into the craziness of the comics. I say that knowing very little of the comics except it didn’t shy away from getting into how big of dirtbags the Supes are. They also amped up the political intrigue and real world parallels.

Both Karl Urban and Antony Starr are standouts in the season. Butcher and Homelander’s hate for each other is the throughline for the entire season. Urban shows different aspects of Butcher and how he reacts to the world around him in negative ways because that’s how he learned to cope with the world. Starr is absolutely terrifying as Homelander in this season. There is so much to say about how different he is from the start to the end of the season. The rest of The Boys have their own journeys throughout the season. MM has way more nuance added to his character, while Kimiko and Frenchie have their own journey for their relationship. Hughie and Annie have the most round about journey with Hughie learning more about himself and what he thought about himself and his relationship with Annie.

The Boys season three is the best season of the show yet. I look forward to the next season of the show because it seemed like the show is starting to take its final form. I’ve talked more about each of the episodes as I reviewed them.

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