Ms. Marvel Final Thoughts

I will say that I still love Ms. Marvel. I already talked about the one issue I had with the series as part of my review of the last episode. This is a series that would have benefited from two more episodes. It would have helped it feel less rushed, plus more time with the characters and in the world would have been nice.

The writers and directors for Ms. Marvel did some amazing things in the series. The way that they were able to blend action, comedy, and heart isn’t something that you see a lot. Bisha K. Ali made a series that is breath of fresh air not only for the MCU but for the superhero genre as a whole. The fact that the creative team also taught an entire fandom about an event like The Partition throughout most of the series is a task.

The fact that this was Iman Vellani’s first major role is kinda crazy. She does so much as Kamala throughout the series that I forgot that she hadn’t been in anything I had seen before. Zenobia Shroff and Mohan Kapur are delightful as Kamala’s parents. Kapur is the most lovable supportive dad that a new superhero would want. Shroff does a lot more in the series, since one of the key things is relationships between mothers and daughters. The supporting cast is pretty amazing and there are too many for me to easily mention going forward. The entire cast and their performances are the reason I love Ms. Marvel so much.

Laura Karpman did a great job on the music for the series. The score had that usual Marvel feel while also fitting into the world of the series. The costume designer did a great job of making everything feel real and I want to mention the Hulk costumes from the first episode, which I love so much that its kind of crazy. The effects in the series are good, even if I didn’t like how Kamala’s powers were changed initially.

Ms. Marvel is probably my favorite series from the second round of series on Disney +. This series has made The Marvels seem really interesting to me, especially with the post credits scene. While not a perfect series there’s a lot to love throughout the series. I give Ms. Marvel 9.5 magical bangles out of 10.

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