Ms. Marvel Series Finale

The series finale for Ms. Marvel is probably the best episode since the first couple of episodes. I wish they hadn’t stuck to the six-episode structure that a lot of the MCU shows had done before. I think an eight- or ten-episode season would have made it feel less rushed, though that could just be me wanting to spend more time with all of these characters. The only characters in this series that I don’t adore are the more antagonistic ones.

The episode starts off with Bruno and Kamran on the run and Kamala and her mom coming back from Pakistan. Kamala is alerted to what’s going on because of Nakia. All four of them meet at the school they go to backed up by Zoe and Aamir. There’s a phrenetic planning scene that lays out a vague outline of what they’ll do against Damage Control. Everyone but Kamran and Kamala is arrested and there’s a slight confrontation between the two after Kamran learns what happened to his mother, but they end up making amends as they part ways. Deever, the Damage Control agent in charge, is suspended for her actions and everyone escapes the carnage mostly unarmed. Kamala gets her name after having a talk with her dad. Bruno gives Kamala an update on the tests they ran which says that she has a mutation to her genes. There’s also a post credits scene that sets up the movie The Marvels.

The series finale of Ms. Marvel sets the stage for a small corner of the MCU going forward. This episode is the least rushed since the third episode and it made it feel like a breath of fresh air. That was also helped by the rest of the cast being involved in the plot of episode. I’m interested to see what’s going to come from the revelations in the last few minutes of the episode, especially that post credits scene. All of the episodes of Ms. Marvel are available now. I give the series finale of Ms. Marvel 9.5 magical bangles out of 10.

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