The Boys Season 3 Finale – “The Instant White-Hot Wild”

“The Instant White-Hot Wild” is a hell of a season finale. With the revelation at the end of the previous episode I was wondering what would happen in this episode. I was honestly surprised by the majority of events throughout the episode. The season long subplot of A-Train learning that his actions have consequences is barely touched on at the beginning of the episode then is left alone.

Noir’s story from the previous episode finishes up when he comes back to Vought. Homelander’s season long journey into mental instability also finishes in the episode while also bringing Ryan into the fold. Butcher, Maeve, and Soldier Boy resolve to follow through with the plan of killing Homelander, even with the rest of The Boys wanting to do it a different way than originally planned. That leads to the rest of The Boys getting locked in a safe in their office while the other three go to face down Homelander. The showdown goes to plan until Soldier Boy hits Ryan, which causes Butcher to go at Soldier Boy rather than Homelander. There’s general chaos while The Boys fight Soldier Boy and Maeve fights Homelander. Homelander takes Ryan away while Butcher realizes that he messed up by pushing Ryan away after Maeve is seemingly killed in the Soldier Boy blast outside of Vought. The next season is set up by having Neuman take the spot of the original VP candidate, who was killed by The Deep. Starlight joining The Boys and Homelander killing a man on live TV and cheered on after doing so.

“The Instant White-Hot Wild” is a hell of an episode let alone season finale. Everything that happened in this episode had been set up at some point in the season. All of the different revelations of what Homelander had set up and did himself made me gasp multiple times because I wasn’t expecting it. The Deep’s breakdown at the end of the episode is fitting for the kind of character he is. The next season looks to be just as wild as this season was. I give “The Instant White-Hot Wild” 9.5 vials of V24 out of 10.

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