Ms. Marvel Episode 5 – “Time and Again”

Episode five of Ms. Marvel is probably the best episode of the of the show so far. I wanted to make sure to watch it again before reviewing it because my first viewing was late. I wanted to make sure that I was awake enough to properly review “Time and Again”. Most of the episode deals with The Partition, something that I had no knowledge of until the start of the series.

Most of “Time and Again” follows Aisha and Hasan, the great grandparents of Kamala, as they meet and as they were forced to flee to Pakistan. We also find out what happened to Aisha while they were trying to board the trains to Pakistan. Najma has always been absolutely terrifying. Kamala was actually teleported to that fateful night rather than just seeing a vision of what happened. Kamala even ends up being the one that saved Sana. Once Kamala is teleported back to her own time its discovered that the Veil had been opened. Najma ends up sacrificing herself to close the Veil but transfers some amount of power to Kamran. Both Sana and Muneeba learn of Kamala’s powers and help all three of them bond. The episode ends with Kamran going to Bruno for help and learning that he had been calling Bruno the wrong name. Damage Control finds them using a drone that ends up destroying the shop below where Bruno lives.

“Time and Again” is an amazing episode of the show that tells a powerful story. The creator of the series Bisha K. Ali had a reading list about The Partition on Twitter. If you’re like me and want to learn more about that event I advise you to find that list. This episode also brought a lot of weight to the continued look at relationships between mothers and daughters. I give “Time and Again” 10 magical bangles out of 10.

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