The Boys Season 3 Episode 7 – “Here Come a Candle to Light You to Bed”

“Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed” is a hell of an episode. As I was kind of let down by the previous episode I was blown away by this episode. The amount of info that was in this episode made it the most important of the season if not the entire show so far. The fallout from the previous episode was interesting too, also confirming what I thought from the final moments of “Herogasm”.

One of the weirdest things about this episode is seeing how Black Noir sees the world. That makes the information that we learn from him feel different, at least it did for me. The rest of the episode has some major and interesting implications for the next episode as well as the rest of the series. We finally learn what happened to Butcher’s brother Lenny, and how that is the direct parallel to his relationship with Hughie. The reveal at the end of the episode is major and something I refuse to reveal, because that’s too major of a spoiler.

“Here Come a Candle to Light You to Bed” is my favorite episode of the season so far. Next week is the season finale and I’m looking forward to see where it leaves everyone after it. All of the different character moments for all of the characters add little wrinkles to their continued stories. I give this episode of The Boys 9.5 vials of V24 out of 10.

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