The Creeping

I decided to end my Chattanooga Film Festival 2022 with The Creeping and it was an incredibly strong movie to finish it with. I had heard buzz about it from other people on the discord server for the festival. I had trouble finding the right time to watch it until the extended day, which gave me time to see several more movies than I would have. I’m thankful that I was able to finally watch this movie, even if it took me a bit to do so.

The Creeping was written and directed by Jamie Hooper with Hooper coming up with the story with Helen Miles. I can’t say how much I like this movie enough. This is one of the best haunted house movies I’ve seen in some time. I see some parallels between this story and Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill, which makes me think that this Hill story could be adapted to the screen. Jamie Hooper is now a director that will pique my interest whenever I hear that she’s connected.

Before I mention anything about performances and the actors I want to mention that I would like Jonathan Nyati to read audiobooks because his voice is amazing. Riann Steele, Sophie Thompson, and Jane Lowe anchor this movie. I found Jane Lowe’s performance particularly powerful because of my time helping take care of my grandma with dementia. The way she can go from aloof to present and aware is something else. Riann Steele does an amazing job as the lead. She acts as the glue for the cast connecting each member to the next.

The effects in this movie are so incredibly well done. They add so much to the movie, but I don’t want to give any of it away. The practical effects are really subtle and also well done. When they’re paired together it adds so many subtle things to the entirety of the movie. The sound design for the movie is next level. It helps make you feel like the house is haunted.

The Creeping is a haunted house movie that will get you with a gut punch. A well done haunted house movie hits a certain spot that can sometime be neglected in horror movies. I don’t know if it has a release date or anything coming up, but I hope it does. I want other people to see it. I give The Creeping 10 decanters out of 10.

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