Ms. Marvel Episode 4 – “Seeing Red”

Ms. Marvel episode four might just be the most normal and most action-packed episode of the show yet. About the first quarter of the episode is all about Kamala visiting Karachi and her family there. There is a through line for the episode about the relationships between mothers and daughters. It keeps the episode grounded while it goes into some wild places. It also shows the relationship Kamala has with Sana.

The action-packed moments start pretty suddenly, but it adds an interesting wrinkle to Kamala’s trip to Karachi. The people she encounters take up the role that it was implied that The Clandestine would fill. They also add another connection for Kamala to her roots. The episode ends with Kamala either being teleported to the past or being shown a vision of the past, either way I think at least part of the next episode will reveal some of what Kamala has been looking for.

“Seeing Red” is another amazing episode of Ms. Marvel that continues the titular character’s journey into a superhero. I look forward to seeing what happens in these last two episode, even if I don’t want them to be the last episodes. Ms. Marvel continues to be a fun watch that pairs laughs with touching poignant moments. I give “Seeing Red” 9.5 magical bangles out of 10.

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