Dangerous Visions Blocks 1 & 2 – CFF 2022

Both of these blocks were so amazing that I wanted to put them together in one recap. I loved so many shorts in both of these blocks. Part 1 was: Swole Ghost, Community Service, The Sweet Spot, Trash Life, 7 Minutes in Hell, Sucker, Livin’ After Midnight, Streamer Stalker, Off Limits, Smile, Box, The Woodsman, What Happened to the Others?, Sleep, and munkie. Part 2 was: Exo Sapien, Destination: Moon, Found, Love You, Mama, Specter of Weeping Hill, Ball Lightning, The Angst, Three Ways to Dine Well, Inch Thick, Knee Deep, Weee Wooo, Red is the Color of Beauty, Visitors, and Voyeur(s). I won’t mention all of the shorts but they’re all amazing quality.

7 Minutes in Hell is an amazing short horror film. I feel like this could be expanded into a full-length movie easily.

Livin’ After Midnight is a joy. It has such a fun concept plus Rey Deveroux is dreamy.

Woodsman is so fucking funny. I had no idea where any of it was going but I enjoyed the ride.

Love You, Mama is an intense movie. It makes the most out of the short film form.

Three Ways to Dine Well is an interesting look at food in horror movies.

Visitors is so much fun. It’s a Japanese short that is influenced by Evil Dead 2, which made it both gory and funny.

If you can, I would recommend seeing as many of these shorts as you can. This all are horror or other genre shorts.


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