Mystery Spot

Mystery Spot is a fucking great movie. The only thing I knew about it going in was that Graham Skipper was in it. I knew that because I watched The Leech during the first day of CFF 2022 and I heard it mentioned. This is a very different movie and a very different performance from him. I now know that he has a hell of a range that I’ve seen during this festival.

Mel House wrote and directed Mystery Spot. This is my first time seeing anything that he had made but he made a fan out of me. Alongside Graham Skipper both Lisa Wilcox and Bobby Simpson II anchor the three performances that we spend the most time with. Lyle Kanouse and Debbie Rochon provide amazing supporting performances. The three lead performances are all varying degrees of heartbreaking. I don’t think you’ll walk away from this movie without being moved by at least one of their performances.

The set designer did an amazing job at making it feel like you’re at a real cheap roadside inn. If you’ve ever been to one of those inns, you know the exact feel and look it has. The costume designer did a great job at making all of the characters feel distinct. The music by Josh Loucka is a masterpiece. You don’t really notice it until the last ten minutes, then it makes itself known and ratchets up the tension tenfold.

Mystery Spot is a movie that I don’t want to say too much about, but it will make you feel things that you don’t expect. I heard a little talk about it going in but I didn’t know anything about it other than it being quality. I don’t know any plans for the release but I look forward to it. I give Mystery Spot 10 tapes out of 10.

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