WTF Block – CFF 2022

This block has so many shorts that I absolutely loved. The seventeen movies are: Pretty Pickle, Take Him Down, Kharon, A New Day (Brought to you by Horizon Research Systems), Every Time We Meet For Ice Cream Your Whole Fucking Faces Explodes, Hell Hole, Birdwatching, High Horse, Argus, Coherence, Cubed Row, Buddymovie, Meat Friend, The Blood of the Dinosaurs, What it Feels Like for a Girl, Floaters Dot Com, and Guts. I’m only going to talk about a few but I recommend all of them, though both Take Him Down and A New Day are super short and talking about them would give too much away and be a disservice to them.

Every Time We Meet for Ice Cream is a delightful short. I couldn’t help but smile during all of it. Everything about it is super cute.

Meat Friend is such a bizarre piece of art. The titular entity could be a part of a show on Adult Swim. That would be an amazing way to make more stuff using everything about this short.

High Horse is an amazing comedic short. Both Addie Doyle and Lee Hurst are simply amazing in this short that the also wrote and directed. I don’t think I stopped laughing at any time during this short.

Guts is the last of the shorts that I’m going to talk about. Its weird and oddly heartfelt in the story it tells. It was a really strong way to end the block.

There are so many that I didn’t talk about like Coherence which is multiple music videos for A Band Named Desire. If you have a badge I think you should definitely make sure to catch this block.


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