Cryo was a movie I went into knowing absolutely nothing about. I started seeing comparisons between it and Pandorum, which I think is an apt comparison. Both are sci-fi movies that have firm footing in both horror and mystery. I was kept guessing throughout the movie and whenever I thought that I had a handle on what was going on something new would happen to throw me for another loop.

Barrett Burgin and Mason D. Davis wrote one of the most thrilling sci-fi movies I’ve seen in several years. Burgin was also the director of Cryo while Davis was a star. This was also Burgin’s feature directorial debut. The way the story is told gives hints of what’s going on while keeping it from being obvious. I only figured out what was going on in the last fifteen minutes, almost right before it was revealed. The small cast of six put in amazing performances that makes you care about everything that happens throughout the movie. Jyllian Petrie, Emily Marie Palmer, Curt Doussett, Morgan Gunter, and Michael Flynn star alongside Davis. You get to spend the most time with Petrie in the movie and the uncertainty of the character is felt throughout.

Cryo is one of the best sci-fi movies released in the last few years. I just heard a lamentation about the death of low budget sci-fi within the last week, which makes seeing this a joy. This gives me hope for that kind of sci-fi movie that focuses on story and concept rather than visuals. If you want a movie that shares a kinship with Pandorum in concept you would love this movie. I give Cryo 9.5 cryochambers out of 10.


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