The Boys Season 3 Episode 6 – Herogasm

“Herogasm” was a wild episode of The Boys, but it wasn’t nearly as wild as I thought it would be. That isn’t to say that doesn’t go into some places that are surprising, but I was thinking it would get weirder than it did. The story of the season also is getting much more interesting direction with everything that went down in the episode. There are so many different character moments from several different characters that this was the most revealing episode for characters without them even having to lose any clothes, though some still did.

Hughie gets closure that he seemingly didn’t want anymore, especially with him using V24 now. This continued A-Train’s arc of realizing that he had been a gigantic prick before. Kimiko and Frenchie seemingly clear up everything that’s been going on with Nina. MM and Starlight team up while Butcher and Hughie team up with Soldier Boy. The chaos that happened during the Herogasm event is something that just has to be seen to believed.

“Herogasm” is a wild and rather squishy episode of The Boys that shifts the story into what will be a wild direction. I have no idea where the story will be going now and I welcome that uncertainty. I didn’t touch on everything that went on with Homelander this episode because it hints at where the story will go. I want to not focus on that while talking about the more fun stuff that happened in the episode. I do want to mention what A-Train did to Blue Hawk because that’s just the right thing for a speedster to do. I give “Herogasm” 9 vials of V24 out of 10.


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