The Ones You Didn’t Burn

The Ones You Didn’t Burn is another standout opening night movie for the Chattanooga Film Festival 2022. I didn’t know what to expect going in and it honestly kept me guessing up until the very end. I was so entranced that I didn’t even think about doing anything other than figuring out what was going on. I’m also really glad that I kept an open mind after the movie opened with a Thoreau quote, mostly because of my time in academia soured me on him.

This was writer/director Elise Finnerty’s feature debut and boy howdy did she knock it outta the park. She also happened to star in it so I don’t know if there’s much that she can’t do. That’s not to mention the performances from the rest of the cast. Nathan Wallace, Jenna Rose Sander, Estelle Girard Parks, and Samuel Dunning all kick a lot of ass. Both Nathan Wallace and Jenna Rose Sander have to deal with some heavy stuff for their roles. They handle all of those emotions in such a way that you can’t help but feel for them and what they’re dealing with.

A lot of the emotion that is shown on screen is helped by the cinematography. The cinematography makes the already lonesome subject matter feel even more isolated. That is probably because of how I deal with grief, isolation and grief go hand in hand for me. The score by Daniel Reguera is amazing. His score not only helps channel the emotions but makes you feel off kilter without you realizing it right away.

The Ones You Didn’t Burn is a hell of a movie that will keep you on your toes way past the credits. This is another movie that I’ve kept vague about details because I don’t want to even possibly spoil it for anyone. There aren’t any details that I know about the release, but I want it to get picked up by a big company so that a lot more people get to see this movie. It deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. I give The Ones You Didn’t Burn 10 tins full of ashes out of 10.

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