The Leech

The Leech is a hell of a movie. Out of all of the people involved in the movie I only knew of two of the actors. I didn’t know what I would be in for, but I saw the praise for Sadistic Intentions, which was the first feature they made together. Basically, going in blind for this movie is the way to go at least it was for me. Its also made me want to see Sadistic Intentions.

Eric Pennycoff wrote and directed the movie. This was such a fun movie that kind goes all over the place. The cast of four: Graham Skipper, Jeremy Gardner, Taylor Gardner, and Rigo Garay all kick a lot of ass in the movie. All of them portray their characters with such flair that you don’t want to look away. Each performance is so dripping with the best kind of weirdness.

The lighting in The Leech is all sorts of amazing. As the movie gets weirder and wilder the lighting and camera work go right along with it making it feel even weirder. When it goes off the rails everything goes right along with it. The sound as well as music help the movie go from fairly normal movie to the bizarre masterpiece that it becomes.

The Leech is a movie to be added to the pantheon of nontraditional Christmas movies. I don’t know if I can actually say how much I loved this movie without possibly spoiling it for anyone that would see it and I don’t wish to deprive anyone of experiencing this movie in the way it should be experienced. It will be added to the Arrow Video streaming service later this year as well as being released physically through them as well. I think its even being released in December so that’s perfect for the movie. I give The Leech 10 mason jars full of ashes out of 10.

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