Ms. Marvel Episode 3 – “Destined”

Episode three of Ms. Marvel continues the trend of great episodes for the series. This episode is the most serious yet, but there’s still time for some delightful breaks. Kamala learned the source of her powers and why she was seeing Kamran’s mom. Bruno mentioned what is wanted from Kamala might not be safe which caused her to want to wait. This caused The Clandestines to turn on Kamala. This caused them to disrupt Kamala’s brother’s wedding reception. Kamala gets a call from her grandmother saying that both her and her mother need to come to her.

I continue to be surprised and delighted by this show. It continues to focus on the issues that a Muslim superhero would have to deal with. The sense of community that is in the show makes you feel for Kamala and what she goes through. The dance in the wedding reception adds both the sense of community from the world as well as being absolutely delightful. The title of the episode is “Destined” which plays into the story of the episode.

“Destined” is another delightful episode that moves the story into the second half. I look forward to where the story is headed. I wonder if there will be any crossovers in the next three episodes. I give “Destined” 8.5 magical bangles out of 10.

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