CFF 2022 – TN and Regional Filmmaker Showcase Block

I started the Chattanooga Film Festival off with a selection of shorts. All of the shorts were either made in Tennessee or in the region. This year it was seven short films and I think they were all strong. They were The Monster Inside, Sophie in Furbyland, Roger Must Die, In The Balance, Shapes – Variation III, The Devil Will Run, and Days Counted. I’ll only mention a few but they’re all worth watching if you can.

Sophie in Furbyland was a delightful look at an unsettling take on what was already a somewhat unsettling toy from my childhood. All of the different iterations on the Furby have to be seen to be believed. I have to believe that Sophie Stark will have a long career after seeing everything she makes.

In The Balance is really interesting. If I remember correctly this kind of served as a sequel to a short from last year. It shared a character and that was unexpected. It was a sci-fi thriller that made me want to know what happened next.

The last short I’m going to talk about is The Devil Will Run. It struck a bit of a chord with me because I was a lot like the kid in the short when I was growing up. If you were an imaginative kid, you’ll like this one.

This short block was a great way to kick off what will be another great festival of movies. If you have the chance to see any of these I recommend all of them.

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