Phil Tippett’s Mad God

Mad God has been on my radar since it was initially released in 2021. I saw so much praise for it from people that make things that I enjoy. That gave me a lot of hope even before I saw anything about it. I wanted to see it based on the hype alone. I didn’t think I would be able to based on my location so when it was announced that it was being picked up by Shudder I had a renewed vigor for the movie. My excitement reached its peak when the trailer played during the intermission of The Last Drive-In.

Phil Tippett was the creative force behind Mad God. He had a hand in almost every aspect of this movie. He began working on the movie around Robocop 2 and then his work on  Jurassic Park made him stop working on it. He restarted this project after twenty years and he was able to create the first half of the movie with help from Kickstarter. This movie has limited dialogue but makes the most out of the music and sound design. The story of Mad God is something that you have to see, at the very least once, to understand.

The stop motion animation used throughout the film is simply amazing. This is another movie that used stop motion to its fullest and does what could only be done in that medium. It wouldn’t have the same feel to it if the movie was a fully CG production. The music by Dan Wool makes the lack of dialogue almost unnoticeable when paired with the sound design. Both music and sound design make the movie even more intense, even more than it would be with dialogue.

Mad God is the pinnacle of stop motion animation and is a movie that has to be seen to believe. This being picked up by Shudder is a huge get for the service with Mad God being the perfect movie for the service. There are so many parts that will make you uneasy and that’s the exact reason that they’re in the movie. If you’re lucky you can still see Mad God in theaters, and I can only imagine how amazing it is to see the movie on the big screen. I give Mad God 10 suitcases full of dynamite out of 10.

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