Ms. Marvel Episode 2 – “Crushed”

I love Ms. Marvel so much. This is gearing up to be my favorite Marvel Disney + series. I can’t help but smile during parts of both of the episodes that I’ve seen. The second episode of called “Crushed” and it seems to start Kamala on the journey she’ll be going on. This episode focuses on aspects of Kamala’s life that are specific to her.

The post credit scene from the first episode seems to have been the introduction of the antagonist for the series. There’s also a focus on her identity as a Muslim in America. There’s also a focus on the self esteem that she gained from the powers she’s acquired. The introduction of Kamran, a wrench in the friendship/relationship between Kamala and Bruno, is interesting. How he was introduced is very interesting with how the party was broken up. Kamala’s focus on learning her family backstory as well as the story about the bangle leads her into interesting places. The episode ends with a reveal that will make the next episode even more interesting.

Ms. Marvel episode two “Crushed” continues that fun from the first episode while also introducing some serious aspects. If I had to guess where the story was going it would be that it would have a little bit of globe trotting as Kamala discovers what she was wanting to know in this episode. This show is well on its way to becoming my favorite of this round of MCU shows at the very least. I give “Crushed” 9.5 golden bangles out of 10.

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