Offseason is another movie that was being released on Shudder that I had heard nothing about. That was until I saw the trailer for it during the intermission in The Last Drive-In with Job Bob Briggs. The trailer aired before it was added to Shudder, and it immediately peeked my interest. This is one of those slow burn horror movies that keeps you on your toes until the credits roll.

This was my introduction to Mickey Keating and his work. What he managed to do in this movie brings in a variety of influences and blends them to make something that you want to keep watching. I found myself routing for Jocelin Donahue’s character throughout the movie. I was incredibly surprised when I saw Joe Swanberg, but that’s mostly because I hadn’t seen him in anything in a bit. Richard Brake being in the movie would have been a surprise to me, but he was in the trailer that I saw. The trailer kept the mystery of the movie from being revealed while also showing enough to make you want to see it.

The effects in the movie make the mystery something else. The fog that was made helped sell the spooky nature of the island. That’s the main effect that I could tell right off. There are CG effects and most of them look great. There’s a little that don’t look great but that doesn’t detract from the movie itself. Shayfer James did the music for Offseason and good lord does it amp up the movie. There are different pieces that make the movie even more intense.

Offseason is a mystery horror movie that is seemingly inspired by Lovecraft and Silent Hill. This is one of the most intriguing horror movies that I’ve seen because it doesn’t reveal too much too soon. If you find yourself wanting to see a movie that does a pretty good job of translating the Silent Hill franchise into film while doing its own thing Offseason is a movie you should watch. Its streaming through Shudder. I give Offseason 9 boat keys out of 10.

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