All About Evil

I had never heard of All About Evil until this past week. When I saw the trailer for it during the intermission of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, I knew that it was going to be something I would have to watch. It looked like it would be something that I would enjoy. Boy howdy, was I right about the movie. I enjoyed it so much.

All About Evil was written and directed by Peaches Christ’s civilian name. I was thinking it was a new movie because of Natasha Lyonne starring in the movie. She’s been in a lot of critically adored projects lately, so I thought this was another one of those projects. This wasn’t but it is a highlight not just of her career but in the genre as a whole. Most of the cast was filled with names that I knew so I was into seeing what was going on in the movie. Cassandra Peterson being in the movie was another thing that made me want to see the movie. Anytime I can see the woman behind Elvira in anything I’ll give it a shot. She and her onscreen son Thomas Dekker have great chemistry together that makes you feel like they a familial bond. I also want to mention Noah Segan because makes the most of his time on screen.

The blood and gore effects in All About Evil are outstanding. All of the kills look amazing, and some even take it up another notch. I want to mention the lip sewing specifically because it’s incredibly gnarly and another effect that is connected to it makes it even more than it even was. The costume designer in the movie did an amazing job with all of the different costumes. The music by Vinsantos is a fantastic companion to the movie.

All About Evil is a fun movie that any fan of the genre will enjoy. I don’t know if Peaches Christ is or has been working on anything, but I hope they have. This works as not only a love letter to the genre but also to smaller theaters. I will say again that I think any fan of the genre will enjoy the movie in some way. You can and should stream All About Evil on Shudder. I give All About Evil 9 bedazzled flip phones out of 10.

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