The Stylist

The Stylist had been on my radar ever since I saw the short on Shudder four or five years ago. The short stuck with me so when I started seeing the full-length movie being advertised, I was excited to see what would happen in it. I was also excited when I saw that the movie was going to be added to Shudder after being available on Arrow Video. This is definitely a movie that lived up to what I had heard about it.

Whoever was in charge of casting Najarra Townsend did an amazing job. She was able to play the role of Claire the perfect way. I found myself switching between wanting to comfort her and being absolutely terrified by her as the movie went on. Being able to effectively make her sympathetic proves how perfect she was for the role. I was also very excited to see that Brea Grant was in the movie. Both of them are amazing and have an amazing supporting cast. I also want to mention that absolutely adorable dog that’s in the movie. The dog’s name is Pepper, and they deserve all the awards, or at the very least treats, for being simply adorable.

The practical effects in The Stylist are gnarly as hell. The very idea of being scalped it pretty rough but seeing it done with relative ease is something else. The sound design used for it takes it up that extra level. All of the kills are kind of simple in their execution but look great because of the effects used for them. The scalp wigs also look amazing and whoever made the wigs did an amazing job recreating hair styles. The music from Nicholas Elert is great. The score adds that extra little oomph when it comes to the emotions.

The Stylist is a great horror movie that does some interesting things and makes you feel for the killer. I will now become interested in any movie that I see Jill Gevargisian’s name connected to. This is a hell of a movie to start your career with. I really want people to see this movie. There’s so much about this movie that goes into it being so good, plus there’s Pepper the dog which doesn’t hurt the movie. You can stream it on Shudder and Arrow Video. I give The Stylist 9.5 pairs of scissors out of 10.

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