Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom so much more than the previous movie. I think it might be that J.A. Bayona’s visual style speaks to me more than Colin Trevorrow’s does. That has to be a major part of it because both Trevorrow and Derek Connolly return as writers. My biggest gripe from the previous movie is mostly absent from this movie. Owen is still somewhat quippy, but he isn’t overly quippy. I also like that there are elements from the books that have been absent from the movies. This gives Fallen Kingdom a more direct connection to the first movie than the previous movie.

That connection also drives the plot. The duplicitous Eli Mills uses this connection to trick the protagonists and the two new characters into what was supposed to be a rescue mission for the dinosaurs still on the island. The four protags are quickly betrayed and manage to leave the island along with the hunters hired by Mills. This is basically the end of what was initially revealed by the first trailer. The second half becomes an interesting mix of action and gothic horror. The returning characters of Owen and Claire rescue the new character of Maisie, who we find out is the reason for the falling out between Hammond and Lockwood. The setting lends itself to gothic horror really well. The mayhem that comes from the climax leads to dinosaurs being released into the world. There’s a short that shows the results of dinosaurs living in the world. The short is called The Battle of Big Rock and if you haven’t seen it I recommend it. Its one of the best bits of world building I’ve seen for a major franchise that wasn’t a series. I really want to mention Rafe Spall and his role as Mills. You think that he’ll be a spineless villain because of how Spall plays him. It still blows my mind that he was the annoying kid from Shaun of the Dead.

The dinosaurs continue to look amazing. Fallen Kingdom introduced yet another dinosaur created by genesplicing. This new dinosaur is called the Indoraptor and you can tell that it was meant to be connected to the Indominus Rex. The share several visual characteristics which is interesting. The Indoraptor was mostly a CG creature, but practical bits were created for closeup shots. The practical elements for the dinosaurs look amazing. Michael Giacchino is back doing the music for this movie. He seemed to be less beholden to the previous music especially the main theme from the original trilogy. The only time that piece is played is during the credits.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a much better film than the previous movie that leads the series into its endgame whatever that is. I think I might end up ranking the movies in the Jurassic franchise after I see Dominion this weekend. Fallen Kingdom is my favorite of the World trilogy. I give Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 9 mosquitoes in amber out of 10.

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