Jurassic World

I’ve made it into the part of the Jurassic franchise is pretty okay in my opinion. Jurassic World is a fun movie but there’s a lot that I have issues with. This movie is like what if they took the events from Jurassic Park and cranked them up to twelve and then threw in a dinosaur that functions like a slasher movie villain. It’s a very busy movie that keeps your attention through flashy action almost in spite of some frustrating characters.

One of the things I saw people complain about in the movie is the character Claire wearing heels and running all over the island. I didn’t have any problems with that one of my biggest gripes is how the character of Owen Grady is written and how all the other characters interact with him. He’s supposed to be a cool badass, but I view him as an overly confident quippy jackass. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard don’t have the onscreen chemistry to sell the relationship that they’re supposed to have. I also don’t like when the baby dinosaurs are attacked by the flying dinosaurs because they’re too adorable and it makes me sad.

My overly simplified plot description that I started this review with is just that overly simplified. There’s a divorce subplot that sets off the movie since we follow the two brothers. The older of the brothers is a terrible older brother that’s a slightly exaggerated but he does seem to be at the age where he wants to act like he’s too cool to enjoy things. One of the most ridiculous characters is the park owner who has a lot in common with some of the dumber real-life CEOs. The introduction of genesplicing shows the series going into some fun sci-fi elements that show a progress in the world of the movie. Also the reintroduction of Henry Wu offers a direct connection to the first movie.

The dinosaurs in Jurassic World look amazing. There’s a combination of CG and practical effects used for the movie, which is something that continued from the previous movies. The practical dinosaurs were created by Legacy Effects rather than Stan Winston’s studio and they do an amazing job. The CG dinosaurs are made by ILM which is who has worked on all of the movies. Before I say anything else I have to say that I greatly enjoyed that they didn’t job the Tyrannosaurus out like they did in the last movie. Michael Giacchino did the music for this movie. He knocks it out of the park with the score. I did have an issue with them using the classic theme when they showed the park rather than when they showed any dinosaur, but that might come down to the differences between this and all of the other movies.

Jurassic World is a fun movie that has some frustrating human characters. This was only my second time seeing this movie because it came out during a time where I wasn’t able to see movies often. I liked it more this time though I was able to figure out what problems I had with it this time around. I’m almost done with the franchise until the new one comes out. I give Jurassic World 8 gyrospheres out of 10.


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