Jurassic Park III

Jurassic Park III is a mess of a movie. This was my second time watching the movie and I think it might be my first time seeing the entire movie. The only other time I remember seeing the movie was several years after it came out originally. I just never had a chance to see the movie before the first partial viewing. I have to say that this isn’t nearly as bad as some people would have you think.

I honestly think a lot of the issues come from the writing of the script. This movie had three writers and that usually equals a messy pre-production. This movie being thirty minutes shorter than either of the previous movies helped it feel at least somewhat tighter. That being said it does roam a little but not nearly as much as the previous movies. The introduction of the Spinosaurus and Pteranodons help this feel different. The fight between the Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus that I remember being hyped up in the trailers only lasting a short time, with the Tyrannosaurus being jobbed out, didn’t sit well with the audience.

The story itself is simple but the characters are mostly the dumbest characters in the franchise. The dumbness of the characters is evened out by the casting. The Kirbys being played by Téa Leoni and William H. Macy helps you not want them to die. Both of the actors are just too likable to hate. Alan Grant gets several moments to show how the character has changed from the first movie and Sam Neill knocks it out of the park. Even the most ridiculous parts he does a great job at showing how deeply Dr. Grant was affected. This movie continued the child character being incredibly resourceful that started in the first movie. The ending even sets up something that wouldn’t happen until the series was revived over a decade later.

One thing Jurassic Park III had in common with the previous movies is the marriage of practical and CG effects. Stan Winston and his studio continued their work from the first two movies. The new dinosaurs look amazing including the new design for the Velociraptor. The CG even looked the best of the series so far. The music was done by Don Davis rather than John Williams. He did a great job of taking over and using the iconic theme.

Jurassic Park III is a messy but solid ending of a trilogy. This was a lot better than I remembered it being. The aspects that are the better parts of the movie do a lot of the heavy lifting. The writing isn’t incredibly terrible but compared to the previous movies it is a noticeable step down. I give Jurassic Park III 7 mosquitos in amber out of 10.

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