Jurassic Park

I don’t know how long it had been since I watched Jurassic Park, but it had been some time. There’s no real reason for it to have been so long other than I don’t find myself wanting to rewatch it often even though the movie is fantastic. There’s so much that I didn’t remember because it had been so long. If I can find one positive in it being so long is that its almost like seeing it the first time. There were a few scenes and lines that I remember because they’ve become so iconic.

This is Steven Spielberg at his creative height. After the mixed response to Hook, which was commercially successful but disliked by critics, Jurassic Park started a run of both critically and commercially successful movies. Even though this was based on Michael Crichton’s book of the same name I’ve still never read the novel its based on. Crichton even wrote the script for the movie with it being cowritten by David Koepp.

The cast is absolutely amazing. They play their characters masterfully. One of the biggest surprises in my rewatch is that Ian Malcolm being as horny as he is. I didn’t remember him being that horny and he feels so out of place always hitting on Ellie Sattler. All the other characters are the same as I remember them. Thanks to Jeff Goldblum’s charisma Ian Malcolm isn’t nearly as sleazy and skeezy as he should be. If the character had been played by anyone else he wouldn’t be nearly as likable.

The CG effects look pretty good for being almost thirty years old. While they look a little dated they don’t look awful. They’re on par with some of the worst CG in newer movies. They do look better when the scene is at night but during the day it looks too bright. That comes from the advancements in the technology. The practical effects made by Stan Winston are outstanding. The dinosaurs that his crew made look amazing, which is how practical effects usually go. Jurassic Park helped even further solidify Stan Winston’s role in movies. I want to make sure that I mention the score by John Williams. This score does everything to show just how good Williams was at this time.

Jurassic Park is a damn near perfect movie that still holds up after all these years. I’m going over all of these movies as I prepare for Jurassic World: Dominion. I’ve seen some of these movies a lot while only seeing others one time. I’ve never seen them all in such a close proximity to one another. I give Jurassic Park 10 mosquitos in amber out of 10.


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