The Last Drive-in With Joe Bob Briggs Season 4 Week 6

The newest episode of The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs is another fun one. Unlike last week I went back to not trying to guess what was going to be shown based on the hints given by Joe Bob. The hint was “We have monsters. First gathering underground in a major international city, later feeding in the emptiness of a beautiful wilderness forest.” I had some ideas but nothing I felt sure enough to try. The movies for the week were The Monster Club and Hellbender.

The Monster Club was such a fun way to start the night off. The cold open had Joe Bob talking about how many words he’s written in his life and how bad he is at Scrabble, which I felt because I’m exceptionally terrible at Scrabble. The pre-movie segment had a Joe Bob rant about medication commercials. The Monster Club is an anthology movie that’s so much fun. The segments throughout the movie give so much info about the movie and its making that you can’t help but enjoy the movie more than you would have without it. The post movie segment ends with two jokes and the last one even got a laugh outta Darcy. The mailbag had a nice letter with a bolo tie with a cutout of Texas on it.

The second movie was Hellbender, which I actually reviewed earlier this year. This was a nice surprise for me since the way this season has been going was both movies being first time watches. This was a lot of fun to rewatch with Joe Bob’s cut ins with the knowledge drops. He was even joined by the directors of the movie. First it was John Adams then Toby Poser and then finally Zelda Adams joining him. Each time one of them joined Joe Bob we got more info about the movie. The final joke got a laugh out of almost everyone but Darcy. The mailbag for this movie had a book that Joe Bob already had and gave them a fun blurb for said book. The whole episode ended with the band Hellbender performing with John Brennan and Hellbender’s rendition of the closing theme playing over the credits.

Week 6 of The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs season 4 is yet another fun week of movies. I think I saw that this episode was only going to be available in the States if that’s the case it really is a shame. Both movies, but especially the second movie, are so much fun that it’ll be a shame for any members of the Mutant Fam to miss it. I’ll continue to say that if you can I will recommend catching the show on Friday nights. I give Week 6 of The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs season 4 10 stars out of 10.

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