The Boys Season 3 Premiere

The newest season of The Boys kind of snuck up on me. I had it in my mind that the season was premiering in September rather than June. I had planned on rewatching the first two seasons so that I could be fresh and refreshed on the carnage caused by the supes and the titular group. Though I’ve not read the comics that the series is based on I do know that the comic is known for the more depraved moments that the series has had to steer clear of. I expect anything that Garth Ennis has written to have some depraved moments.

I think season 3 of The Boys is starting to lean into some of the crazier elements from the comics. I don’t want to possibly spoil anything about these episodes but there are moments that made me audibly gasp and shout an expletive. The story so far picks up about a year after the last season and it shows how different everyone’s lives are after the previous season. As the three episodes go along the craziness gets deeper and deeper. I look forward to seeing just how crazy this season gets. The performances from Karl Urban and Antony Starr are so incredibly interesting. Starr is so incredibly unhinged that you worry that Homelander will fully snap and kill everyone. Urban’s performance is nuanced and unhinged in a different way. Butcher feels like he’ll take himself down as well as any target he points himself at, as a way of dealing with his mismanaged feelings. Jack Quaid and Erin Moriarty are great counterpoints to the previously mentioned actors. Quaid is the counterpoint to Urban and Moriarty is the counterpoint to Starr.

The effects are outstanding so far this season. While there are a lot of instances of CG effects in the three episodes there is even some practical effects as well. The way that the show makes both of the effects work together is gnarly. I feel like that’s the only way to properly describe all of the gore.

The Boys season 3 premiere kicks the season off with a weird fleshy bang. The next few Fridays will be a fun time if the season keeps this pace. If the satire keeps pace with the gore it’ll make the fact that its made by Amazon even more ironic. I give the first 3 episode of the third season of The Boys 9 vials of V24 out of 10.

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