Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow is a weird movie to me. For some reason I have it connected to Air America in my mind. They are barely connected; both have to do with airplanes and that’s a tenuous connection at best. I decided to watch it after seeing one of John Woo’s Chinese movies. I feel like this movie is the reason that John Travolta ended up being in Face/Off. I don’t understand why this isn’t talked about more except maybe because there’s no performance that’s as wild as Nic Cage’s performance in Face/Off.

I want to talk about the effects and the stunts in this movie. The stunt team did some absolutely amazing stuff in this movie. All of the stuff on the train is insane. The amount of shots that had someone under the train is a testament to the work that the entire stunt team put in. The effects are amazing. The miniature work in the movie is top tier. The explosion and results mixed with some more practical effects really sell the aftermath.

John Woo was in full effect in this movie. I had no idea that Graham Yost wrote this. I’m very familiar with him from being a creator of the show Justified. This had the type of dialogue that he would help have in his work. This also works pretty well as a continuation of what he was doing with Speed. The work that both Woo and Yost made together is something that is so singularly specific that it stands out amongst actions movies.

One of the reasons that it feels that way is because of the cast. The leads were played by John Travolta and Christian Slater. There are hints of Travolta’s performance in Face/Off when he’s playing Castor Troy. This is a more subdued version of his performance. Christian Slater plays so much younger than I feel like he should. His character feels like he’s in his early twenties rather than probably being in his late twenties. There’s so many great performances in this movie including the bit parts.

Broken Arrow is a fun action movie that should be talked about more when it comes to John Woo’s movies. There’s so much about this movie that makes it such a fun watch. I know that this wasn’t Woo’s first American movie though it was made after a short break because of the first movie he made wasn’t exactly what he wanted it to be. Broken Arrow is currently streaming on Starz. I give Broken Arrow 9 stealth bombers out of 10.

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